How Solar Works?

Here we provide you with valuable information on how solar works and how it can benefit your home or business.

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power that harnesses the sun’s rays to generate electricity. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources, reducing your carbon footprint and helping to combat climate change. By installing solar panels on your roof, you can tap into this abundant energy source and enjoy numerous advantages.

So, how does solar work? It all starts with photovoltaic (PV) cells, which are the building blocks of solar panels. These cells are made of semiconductor materials, such as silicon, that convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. When sunlight hits the PV cells, it excites the electrons within the material, creating an electric current.

To make this electricity usable in your home or business, an inverter is used to convert the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. AC electricity is the type of power that is used to run your appliances, lights, and other electrical devices. The converted electricity is then sent to your electrical panel, where it can be distributed throughout your property.

One of the great benefits of solar energy is that it can significantly reduce your electricity bills. By generating your own electricity, you can rely less on the grid and take advantage of net metering. Net metering allows you to sell any excess electricity you produce back to the grid, earning credits that can offset your future electricity costs.

Solar panels also require minimal maintenance, making them a hassle-free investment. With no moving parts, they are durable and can withstand various weather conditions. Additionally, many solar panel manufacturers offer warranties, ensuring that your investment is protected for years to come.

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